Urban Agriculture in Kingston, NY

Urban Agriculture Committee


Rebecca Martin, Kevin McEvoy, Jesica Clark, Kaycee Wimbish, Jennifer Schwartz-Berky, Jeffrey LeJava, Leanne Tory-Murphy, Michelle Muller, Corinne Wolcott, Michael Berg.

Become a member! Contact:  rebecca@larreccamusic.com

The Urban Agriculture Committee (UAC) in Kingston, NY is charged to promote community-based, small-scale, entrepreneurial farming in Kingston, NY


The Urban Agriculture Committee (UAC) is charged to promote community-based, small-scale, entrepreneurial farming by providing education and technical assistance to people interested in urban farming through research and policy development aimed at making urban farming an integral part of a lively and viable cityscape, and through working with our community to embrace and support urban farms.

“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

To provide our community with the proper tools to implement urban agriculture practices of all sorts that encourage locally produced food and non-food items.

Land Access – Updated Code and Policy – Partnerships

– Host democratic monthly meetings to identify and support all existing partners working on the garden front in the City of Kingston and all surrounding areas.

– Identify and support the protection of urban farmland through the creation of an urban agriculture database of urban farmland that is available for lease or use that include vacant land, schools, open space, surface parking, yard space and rooftops.

– Update all aspects of farming/gardening code in the city of Kingston with the support of the Conservation Advisory Council (CAC).

– Work to develop an Urban Agriculture Plan, and develop a real-time dialog with the City of Kingston’s CAC and the Common Council to include urban agriculture in the Kingston Master Plan.

– Identify additonal crop types that may also include non-food items such as commercial scale flowers, raw materials (bamboo) and biofuels (hemp).

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