Urban Agriculture in Kingston, NY

Urban Ag in Kingston. What’s your vision?




As part of our work on the Urban Ag Zoning Study that we are currently undergoing, it would be very valuable for us to get your input on a “vision statement” for Urban Ag in Kingston.

Please look at the examples of vision statements from other communities on a range of things, beginning with Burlington, VT, a city much like Kingston that has made great progress in urban ag.

You can send any words or phrases of your own (or that you like from here) that you believe should be included to Rebecca Martin at rebecca@larreccamusic.com – you may also leave your input in the comment section of this blog post.

A draft statement will be developed to share with you that incorporates all of the phrases and ideas of other stakeholders involved in this process.


Rebecca Martin and Jennifer Schwartz-Berky



An example from Burlington, VT, a city very much like Kingston:

We envision a city where everyone who wants to grow or raise their own food has the space, information, and support to do so safely, responsibly, and in solidarity with their neighbors and the greater community. We envision an urban agriculture system that integrates with local and regional systems for a food system that is place based, sustainable, resilient, socially just, and secure.”


An example from International Development (Serilingampally, Hyderabad): “Our vision is to contribute to the reduction of urban poverty and food insecurity through sustainable urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA) and to stimulate participatory and gender-inclusive governance for the municipality of Serilingampally, Hyderabad.”


An example of a Comprehensive Plan vision statement with strong focus on Urban Ag, from Somerville, MA, (no specific urban ag wording, but valuable example for Kingston Comp plan): 

Build a sustainable future through strong environmental leadership, balanced transportation modes, engaging recreational and community spaces, exceptional schools and educational opportunities, improved community health, varied and affordable housing options, and effective stewardship of our natural resources.”


An example from the Urban Ag Association in British Columbia, Canada:

“To be a hub for collaborative work among people running projects related to the development of a diverse and reliable local food supply for the South Okanagan/Similkameen area.”



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