Urban Agriculture in Kingston, NY

DRAFT Kingston, NY Urban Agriculture Planning and Zoning Report (Phase 1)



On behalf of the Urban Agriculture Committee of Kingston and as presented to the Kingston Conservation Advisory Council on Thursday, February 6th 2014 here is the draft Urban Agriculture Planning and Zoning report for Phase 1, which includes an Executive Summary and Chapters 1 – 3 of a larger study that our group is undertaking to support the many activities in the city and county to support “local food systems change.”

The group looks forward to the opportunity to discuss this work  with the Kingston 2025 Comprehensive Planning committee to support the integration of these DRAFT recommendations into the comprehensive plan and zoning (click on the links below to download and view).

The Kingston Urban Agrculture Zoning Project is a program of the Kingston Urban Agriculture Committee in partnership with Family of Woodstock,  Land Use Law Center for Sustainable Development at Pace Law School (Jeffrey P. LeJava), Hone Street Strategic LLC  (Jennifer Schwartz Berky) and Larrecca Music, Inc.

Made possible by generous public support including a donation from Kevin McEvoy and Barbara Epstein.

The attached report was written and researched by Jennifer Schwartz-Berky, principal of Hone Strategic, LLC with legal research support from Jeffrey P. LeJava, managing director of Land Use Law Center for Sustainable Development of Pace Law School. 

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