Urban Agriculture in Kingston, NY

Citizens Interested in Urban Agriculture in Kingston Invited To A Public Visioning Session at the Kingston Public Library October 22nd.



Citizens interested in Urban Agriculture in Kingston are invited to participate in a visioning session to develop a future committee structure at the Kingston Public Library.  The event will take place on Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. 

Kingston, NY. – A public visioning session to expand the existing Urban Agriculture Committee will take place on Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm at the Kingston Public Library located at 55 Franklin Street in Kingston, NY.  The group, led by Corrine Wolcott, will discuss Kingston’s current and future ‘farming’ needs as well as to discuss a  ‘democratic leadership’ structure for the committee.
“Three years in a non-­‐hierarchical organization gave me plenty of experience using a democratic meeting structure,” says Wolcott.  ” I valued the opportunity for consent and inclusivity that the structure creates. With practice, patience, and support, I found this style of meeting to be the most productive in creating informed action and making safe space for personal growth and respectful relationships.”

The goal of the evening will be for all of those interested in Urban Agriculture to help to develop a strong foundation for continued success of the current Urban Agriculture Committee.
Since formed in January of 2013, the group has accomplished all of its goals that include:
** Raising funds and creating new partnerships for ‘The Dig Kids – an Urban Farming Program‘.
** Help to situate a new farmer at the South Pine Street City Farm in 2013.
** Launch the “Kingston Urban Agriculture Zoning Project“, an effort to update Kingston’s Farm Zoning and Code, creating new partnerships with the Land Use Law Center for Sustainable Development at Pace Law School, Larrecca Music Management and Family of Woodstock. The group hired consultant Jennifer Schwartz-Berky of Hone Strategic, LLC.
** Raised funds and helped to successfully launch the YMCA Farm Project that broke ground in September.
For more information about the event, contact Rebecca Martin at larrecca@gmail.com
About the Kingston Urban Agriculture Committee – The Urban Agriculture Committee (UAC) is charged to promote community-based, small-scale, entrepreneurial farming by providing education and technical assistance to people interested in urban farming through research and policy development aimed at making urban farming an integral part of a lively and viable cityscape, and through working with our community to embrace and support urban farms.

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